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Logistics system

In order to provide quality supply chain management value-added services, baoxin global has its own complete logistics operation system and professional team. The logistics center in China focuses on the systematic arrangement of the export business charter, booking, sea and land transportation, and customs declaration and other work. Logistics team has rich experience in logistics management and export declaration, and is familiar with logistics cost management and accounting of furniture import and export industry, and is good at integrating internal and external logistics resources. In cooperation with a number of domestic and foreign famous freight forwarding companies, the average annual operation is exported to 2000 40GP and 40HQ containers, which are transported to the United States, Australia and other places.

With the purpose of maintaining the competitive advantage of the industry, baoxin global has set up its own warehouse in Los Angeles, California, to provide guarantee for the reception of overseas freight logistics and delivery goods. Baoxin international master warehouse selects the international first-class logistics professional shelf and management system to ensure the high efficiency of inventory management and distribution. This ensures that each order can be delivered promptly and promptly to the customer.

     In addition to the main warehouse in Los Angeles, in five other states are set up warehouses and distribution centers, we can ensure that within 24 hours after receiving the order shipment, let us powerful network covers the entire North America for quick delivery.

     Our team is full of energy and enthusiasm and is committed to creating an efficient, flexible supply chain.


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