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Grade: AOC


Vineyard area:10 hectares

Average age of grape:25years

Soil:Sandy soil

Annual output:65,000 bottles

Grape varieties:75% Melot,20% Cabernet Sauvignon,5% Cabernet Franc


Product introduction


Alcohol content:12.5%vol

Type: Dry Red


Suitable drinking temperature:16-18°C

Decante duration:20mins


Tasting notes and catering suggestions


This wine has a ruby sheen, due to the high proportion of Melo, red berries rich flavor and elegant, plum, cherry, strawberry fragrance bottle will open nostrils, the fresh grass partly hidden and partly visible.;Entrance smooth, soft tannins, medium body wine, strong acidity, drink up fragrance, aftertaste cotton ting.

Matching: cowboy bone, barbecue, French foie gras and other foods.


This wine has a bright purplish red color;A high proportion of Melo gives it a charming, red berry scent, and the plum, cherry, strawberry and red currant aromas are fascinating;Entrance mellow, soft tannins, medium body wine, suitable for acidity, drink fragrance, aftertaste cotton ting; Although the bad weather in 2013 made the grape yield of the two seas drop greatly, but the maturity of the raw materials after artificial selection was better guaranteed, this wine is the best example.

Prefect match with: Korean barbecue, French foie gras and other foods. 

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