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Warmly welcome the visit of vice President of aramco oil company.

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On March 27, 2017, Mr. Khaled, vice President of Saudi aramco, and Mrs. Mona Alrashed visited. The company's board and management received the guests. The two sides jointly explore the feasibility of carrying out household business in the Middle East.


Talk shows

At the symposium, baoxin global details the functions and operation modes of Chinese companies and wholly-owned subsidiaries of the United States. The company has built four self-owned brands and conducted B2B2C and B2B business through in-depth cooperation with the major furniture e-commerce platforms in the United States.

Mr Khaled and Mona Alrashed lady first universal warm reception to treasure letter expressing gratitude, said in the progress of the business to our company, show a strong cooperation intention, their household business be born in the Middle East market share insights and experiences.

The meeting to build mutual trust cooperation, the basis of the two sides agreed to continue to push forward household business cooperation of the next step of work in the Middle East, including how to team, business model and product direction.


Took a group photo

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