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43/5000 Baoxin global (securities no. : 870961) entered the domestic market in a comprehensive way.

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    On August 14, 2017, treasure letter universal (stock no. : 870961) its wholly owned subsidiary ernie didi household products co., LTD., operating the wooden porch sure house outlets in the expo park, houjie town, dongguan, grand opening. The day invited more than 200 furniture people to the store to visit the experience, the response was enthusiastic. It also marks the first step in baoxin global's entry into the domestic market for furniture. The new luxury fashion style series of the mansion is the focus of the European brand, and the product is combined with the American postmodern and other elements. The expo garden store is 460 square meters, the whole shop is full of the romantic atmosphere of the light luxury.



Guangdong treasure believe global household co., LTD is the first brand new three board furniture cross-border trade, B2B2C and B2B model for cross-border electricity furniture has its own brand operation, products related to outdoor furniture, indoor soft furniture, office furniture and other nine categories. One of the key points of the company's future development strategy is to enter the domestic furniture market. For this important development plans, treasure letter universal in June 2017 set up a wholly owned subsidiary ernie didi household business channel brand in China market, with its business with high growth of product brand, is committed to be China's influential furniture dealers, service providers.

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     The opening of the hotel is a joint venture between baoxin global, dongguan yilin furniture co., LTD. (brand: ou mu xuan), as well as the cooperation of guangdong famous home furnishing expo.



Treasure letter as a global distribution based on the international field of vision, the sale in domestic market positioning in the amplification of the creator of the "value, value, value integration", it will use the strength and innovation, at the top of the fuel supply chain brand sublimation, will deepen the new retail and service at the same time, for customers to create the unique experience of furniture consumption, the new value.



The 400000 square meters of dongguan houjie household expo garden undoubtedly provides better protection for the success of the store. As guangdong modern international exhibition center co., LTD., a subsidiary of, famous furniture expo garden irreplaceable position in the furniture industry, in addition to attract people all over the country furniture at the show, is also a paradise for purchasing furniture retail.

In such power under the cooperation of the three parties, Ann mansion houjie expo garden stores opened, is the crystallization of the wooden porch brand value transfer, is an important milestone treasure believe global foray into domestic market, is also one of the expo event. As Mr. Lai xiyin, the chairman of boxin global, said in his speech, he saw it because he believed it. Because of the effort, so the realization. I wish a prosperous and thriving business in the houjie expo garden.

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