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33/5000 Baoxin global (securities no. : 870961) hand in hand from generation to generation to open a new retail model.

2018-03-07 19:37:09 Website Name Read

Precious letter on August 31, 2017 global (stock no. : 870961), a wholly owned subsidiary of ernie didier household products co., LTD., and passed from generation to generation furniture brand reached a strategic cooperation, formally in September, ernie didi, advocating the expo - generation, from generation to generation from the Louvre store, generation advocating music from the Louvre museum store has set sail.

Adhering to the strategic development direction of baoxin global China business, the cooperation between the two sides has injected new business philosophy into domestic retailing and retailing, so as to upgrade the service and upgrade the experience. Baoxin global will integrate brand, designer and marketing resources to promote the brand sublimation through its own advantages, and create unique new value of household consumption for consumers.



    Dongguan aocheng furniture co., LTD. (its brand: generation, generation and generation) was founded in 1990, and it has been 27 years since its founding. From generation to generation, the main business is the rosewood rosewood furniture (new Chinese style), the main body of the company is the main body of the main body of the red sandalwood flower series furniture (fashionable new Chinese style). The company specializes in the research, development, production and sales of rosewood furniture products. To provide a fashionable and comfortable home environment for every family.

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      Annatto furniture material exquisite, modelling elegant, exquisite workmanship, reasonable, rigorous structure, function, at the same time, in thousands of years of precipitation, carrying the Chinese traditional humanities, history, culture, has long been known as "humanistic furniture" and "art furniture", so China annatto furniture is the carrier of traditional culture and home culture essence a bit too much.


     Luofu palace's luofu palace ceramic style positioning is based on the simple European style, neoclassicism, new decorativism, simple fashion. Adhere to the "change" the concept of the Louvre ceramics, an international, fashion, quality excellent high-end brands and high quality products to consumers, leading people to a new fashion concept, open a new field of vision, set up the new concept of life!


       Universal treasure letter new create ernie didi channel brand household, as life household culture integration, for customers to create unique in the form of new retail household consumption of new experience, a new value. At the same time, we use strength and innovation to boost the brand sublimation of the upper end of the supply chain, and open a new chapter that is passed on from generation to generation.



Foshan shunde music is a "generation advocate" of 4FC02 from luofu palace international furniture expo center, with an operating area of 319 square meters.

Foshan shunde music from the luofu palace international furniture expo center 5FD19 "from generation to generation", operating area of 366 square meters.

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