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Break through and win on the road.

2018-03-08 13:35:11 Website Name Read

On June 17, the theme of "breakthrough together win on the road" held a theme sharing session at the conti international hotel. The sharing will be the scene of a group of people, a lot of friends. To the scene of the furniture industry colleagues, the financial institutions of the elite, representatives of various trade associations and the mainstream media friends, in this expression is very grateful!

The sharing session is mainly to share with you the process of listing the new third board of baoxin global, and to promote the development of baoxin global and its overall plan.


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    We Shared the process of listing the new three boards with Mr. Xu yongfeng, CEO of baoxin global.



Mr. Xu yongfeng, CEO of baoxin global, said that the new third board can bring a lot of benefits. But we don't think it's a big deal to be listed on the new third board. We are more concerned with the establishment of the circle of friends of the capital platform, the convergence of all the friends with energy. You can combine capital and knowledge together, brainstorm and discuss the new development of boxin global, and explore the big picture.

We will continue to study and discuss two topics: one is strategy and the other is performance. What strategy we plan and adhere to will enable us to manage and develop sustainably. The achievement of creation and contribution will enable us to make solid progress.


During the lunch, the piano solo and the foreign band played.

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