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B2B Cross Border Distribution

Bestsign Universal has more than 10 years of experiences in home furnishing export business. We have the unique capability to serve our customers' business and product needs with our extensive network of suppliers. Through our market and historical analysis, select and source star products, then sell them to distributors and retailers worldwide with large quantity and competitive price.


B2B2C Cross Border Retail

By combining the power of product development and design, we have developed mature business model to achieve highly efficient supply chain management. Our products will be shipped from manufacture to Bestsign International Inc., our fully owned subsidiary, then deliver to customer’s home within 24 hours.  

We are utilizing the updated market analysis and industry intelligence. Bestsign International Inc. was set up in California, US in order to deliver the best service as well as best value products through American Top 10 home furnishing online platforms. We are dedicated to investing in the future where our reach makes life better for people everywhere.


B2C Retail

In the face of the huge domestic market in China, Bestsign Universal started its business by integrating brands, designers, distributors, marketing teams and funds to transform and upgrade original brands and integrate the concept of modern living into B2C's daily Retail, creating a replicable new retail model.

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