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In the global sustainable development of Bestsign, through its continuous improvement and hard work, the enterprise respects the concept of green environment and actively develops the industry chain integration under the new economic enirvoment. Bestsign Universal constructs a sustainable supply chain, fully integrates social responsibility and sustainable development into product and lifecycle and value chain operations, leading industry standardization in social responsibility, and promoting sustainable industrial and industrial linkage with partners and supply chain partners development of. All Bestsign people will make continuous progress, profoundly make more contributions to achieving the UN's goal of sustainable development.


In order to achieve the sustainable development goal of the enterprise, baoxin global will adhere to the following points:

     Only by continuous innovation can enterprises enhance their capacity for sustainable development. To firmly establish the concept of innovation and development, vigorously implement the innovation-driven strategy, and improve the mechanism for promoting enterprise innovation. Strengthen the lean management, and promote the management of enterprises to speed up the standardization and intensification. Base on that, formulate sustainable development strategies that meet the actual needs of enterprises and nurture their own sustainable culture and spirit. Establish and improve a decision-making system, governance structure, management standards and business processes that meet the requirements of sustainable development so as to achieve sustainable investment, operation and value chain management, and provide deep impetus to corporate restructuring, transformation and upgrading and quality and efficiency-oriented development and institutional security.

     Only by sharing the fruits of development can enterprises make greater contribution to the development of the whole society and all mankind. While realizing our own development, enterprises should also establish a mutually beneficial and win-win mechanism with the government, employees, consumers and business partners and other relevant parties so as to realize the common development of enterprises, employees, the community and even the whole society. Adhere to the people-oriented, respect the rights and interests of employees. By creating a responsible and sustainable supply chain, we will promote the rational flow and fair distribution of social wealth in the production and service sectors so as to realize the value creation and sharing of the business partners such as manufacturers, brands, suppliers and service providers.


    Only by actively coping with climate change can enterprises emerge from a path of low-carbon operation, green development, environment-friendly and ecological civilization. Enterprises should also strengthen the management of supply chain environmental responsibility and strengthen the carbon footprint assessment and monitoring of products and services in all aspects of investment, procurement, sales and maintenance, and actively carry out low-carbon technical services to minimize the energy consumption during the life cycle of products Environmental pollution, the green low-carbon development goals throughout the business activities has always been.

    Only by strengthening cooperation with all sectors of society, enterprises can better promote the cause of sustainable development. Enterprises should further strengthen cooperation and give play to the leading role of leading enterprises of large enterprises, industries and leading enterprises in the industry chain, so as to promote the cooperation between small and medium-sized micro-enterprises in upstream and downstream industries and the upstream and downstream industries in their efforts to jointly enhance their sustainable development. Chinese enterprises should actively participate in the international platform for sustainable development, strengthen communication and cooperation with the international community, and promote a high degree of integration between the cause of China's sustainable development and the achievement of the UN's goal of sustainable development.

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